Sunday, November 6, 2011

Decisions to be taken

Life is a sum of small & big decisions we made. And every small & big decisions are the part of the game we play through out our life span. All decisions have relative contribution in our life based on their weight & extent. Making right decision is as much important as taking breath. 
Success in life is much about making right decision at the right time. In critical moment a bad decision is enough to make the things beyond control.
Now question is how one can make right decision? What help winner to take their decisions right at the right time. Many people said that, as we get older we make better decisions. It means good decision has a correlation with experience.

But time has changed a lot. In today's omni-changing world experience has very little to do with anything else. Experience means putting old style in solving new challenge. But today you have to apply new solution to keep pace with the changes. 

According to Psychologist Karl Morris, there are 5 basic principles in making good decisions. 

1. Check your emotion. In a negative state of emotion you cannot make good decisions. 

2. Reflect & enjoy your good decisions. Reflection help us to get back the moment. When we reflect we reinforce. 

3. Notice your pattern. Try to understand when usually you make good decisions, which mood help you to find the best alternative? Following your right pattern can help you to make right decisions often. 

4. Ask people you trust about your decisions. Seek their suggestions. 

5. Forgive yourself when make bad decisions. you cannot be always right, so when something goes wring pardon yourself. 

Right decision at the right time make all the differences in our life. Learn it, teach yourself how to caught the cat.

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