Thursday, January 12, 2012

What should be your business strategy where no body is hero but every body? « Future Startup

What should be your business strategy where no body is hero but every body? « Future Startup

This year Time magazine awarded their person of the year award to “The Protesters” who completely changed not only their own country but the world. 2011 as a single year provides a lot learning and insights for start-ups who are plotting to start their business enterprise.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Doer Vs. Commentator: You can be either one « Future Startup

Everyday we encounter with two kinds of people. They are: doer & commentator. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m clearly not talking about TV commentators anyway! Then again, one group make change, take ground-breaking initiatives and push human race forward and other group criticize others either or way, find mistakes in all good jobs being done and no actioner.

Doer guys are less talker. They have things to do. and can’t afford too much words. Inversely, commentators are the guys who are good at nothing but have a good mouth to be lived on. They talk unnecessary. Criticize unnecessary, and waste time unnecessary. read full article here

Doer Vs. Commentator: You can be either one « Future Startup

Monday, December 26, 2011

2012: Let’s make it remarkable « Future Startup

2012: Let’s make it remarkable « Future Startup

2011 is almost ready to say goodbye to us. Obviously, it’ll leave us along with a number of sweet & bitter, success & failure memories. There were lots of happing in 2011 to remember it for good or bad. Besides, 2012 is knocking on our door with immense potentiality. No living in past, it’s time to look forward. Leave joy, sorrow, happiness, bitterness, failure, success, good memories, bad memories of 2011 and start a new afresh 2012. Make it remarkable.

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2012: Let’s make it remarkable « Future Startup

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Distinctiveness: Your sustainable competitive advantage inside! « Future Startup

Distinctiveness: Your sustainable competitive advantage inside! « Future Startup

Keeping ones distinctiveness alive is what makes real differences in all our societal transactions. If you follow someone better than you, you think, you would never be recognized as better. Living like someone else is a secondary life, like parasite. What add value in one’s life is “living own life”.

To be distinctive:

  1. Be your true-self

  2. Be original

  3. Ready to being rejected, criticized, & different

False Distinctiveness: Distinctiveness is a matter of heart not shirt. Nowadays, common trend is that, some people pretend to be distinct from others by wearing peculiar dress, taking boom-basting hear cut, talking creepy stylishly and underestimating own culture. This is not what makes you different with meaning. It makes one’s different with self fulfilling prophecy and de-meaning. What is yours; is what you have to be proud of because none of others have that. Who you are it depends on whether you Love your difference or leave it.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

There is no limitation

Economics taught us that, resource is limited and we got it for wrong. Where economics said, resource is limited in comparison to our unlimited demand there we got  it that everything is limited. 

But truth is,  the global resource is adequate to feed the need of total population of the world. Problem is not with resource rather with distribution. Global distribution system is exclusively unequal that's the real cause of problem.  10% of population holds more than 80% of global resource. Otherwise, what we have-is enough for 7 billion people. 

As we learnt to limit resource, we equally learnt to limit human capacity. But human capacity is unlimited according to economics. Economics said, human  potentially is limitless.

Unfortunately, we are habituated to belittle our power often. We limit ourselves even from pursuing our dreams. But the idea of limitation is untrue. The universe is expanding regularly, it's impossible to cross any limit not yours & not others. 

Lets check-

  • Can your passion be limited?
  • Can your human imagination be limited?
  • Can your hope for good be limited unless your hold the rein?
  • Can sky be limited to bound your sight?
  • Can your dream be limited unless you stop dreaming?
  • Do you think helping others, mental peace, courage inside you be limited unless we make so?
  • Do you think you have only a certain amount of love and over use of it can run you out of stock? 

Answer for all is 'no'.

Yes, life time is limited but life is not, even not the impact of a meaning life. Our hope is unlimited, dream can be so, our passion can be unlimited and love too. 

Don't limit yourself by just putting wall around your dream, imagination, creativity. Just unlearn the word 'limited'. The universe is continuously expanding to create room for you, to let you grow! You can never cross the line. Go..

Monday, November 7, 2011

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Decisions to be taken

Life is a sum of small & big decisions we made. And every small & big decisions are the part of the game we play through out our life span. All decisions have relative contribution in our life based on their weight & extent. Making right decision is as much important as taking breath. 
Success in life is much about making right decision at the right time. In critical moment a bad decision is enough to make the things beyond control.
Now question is how one can make right decision? What help winner to take their decisions right at the right time. Many people said that, as we get older we make better decisions. It means good decision has a correlation with experience.

But time has changed a lot. In today's omni-changing world experience has very little to do with anything else. Experience means putting old style in solving new challenge. But today you have to apply new solution to keep pace with the changes. 

According to Psychologist Karl Morris, there are 5 basic principles in making good decisions. 

1. Check your emotion. In a negative state of emotion you cannot make good decisions. 

2. Reflect & enjoy your good decisions. Reflection help us to get back the moment. When we reflect we reinforce. 

3. Notice your pattern. Try to understand when usually you make good decisions, which mood help you to find the best alternative? Following your right pattern can help you to make right decisions often. 

4. Ask people you trust about your decisions. Seek their suggestions. 

5. Forgive yourself when make bad decisions. you cannot be always right, so when something goes wring pardon yourself. 

Right decision at the right time make all the differences in our life. Learn it, teach yourself how to caught the cat.